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:icon0katzu0: got my 7777 Kiriban - kudos to you friend :D!
I will finish your picture soon :heart:
Edit: no really, I'm gonna hurry now…


Because I´m a starving “artist" (of some kind) I´m going to open commissions again!
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I just read Valyavandes journal about catching the 22222th pageview so I thought
"let´s give it a try myself" :D

A little Kiriban for the lucky one who sends me a screenshot of the 7777th hit!
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Llama madness! I hope it will last for a while, Deviantart now appears to me as a more all-cuddly-lovey-dovey-big-peace-crowd :'D.
Plus - I really want at least a super-Llama xD no need for the whity but a cape would be awesome.
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Depression - well no, that´s not exactly what I would call it! I´d prefer to RAGE a little!

What the hell - why is there no fucking equivalent to OpenCanvas or even Sai for a goddamn Macintosh?
Don´t get me wrong, I´m totally in love with my Photoshop-buddy but could anyone please teach this piece of painting-shit
how to blend as nice as OC and Sai already do? The pretty - not ugly and cheap looking - smudgy way? Even though the adjustment possibilities are amazing and with a little love for custom brushes the possibilities are endless but sometimes I just wish CGing would be more forthcoming.
Software made blending - it could be so lovely.

I´m refusing to believe there would be no interest in buying these programms for mac... and I´m not gonna ally with win-fail for the sake of easy (animu-) painting. I prefer not to struggle with viruses and bugs again, mac loves u.

There is no use, I know that much - sadly.
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